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True Story

What? You’ve never been to a farmer's market? Well, you've come to the right place. Curds can answer all your questions.
Farmer's markets - well it's fair to say they go as far back as ancient Egypt, when everybody'd gather down there at the Nile to sell their crops. Cheesemakers were there, trying to keep the cream cheese away from the crocodiles. True story.
You might think that a farmers market is just a bunch of folks pulling into a parking lot and hawking melons off the back of a truck. Sure, that’s how it started, but nowadays, it’s not that simple. A good market needs variety - you wouldn’t want a dozen folks selling squash and nobody selling cheese, perish the thought. You gotta get organized, have membership, get a board to run things. Every member has to be selling something worth buying.  Now some markets, like this one, the Sunnyfield Township Farmers Union, are harder to get into than the Fraternal Brotherhood of Cheddar Artisans International. True fact.

But never mind about all that. Try some of these curds. Your mind, it will be blown. Let me tell you about the time I had a load full of pecorino in a haywagon being chased by the Royal Canadian Mounties. True story.